Thursday, June 16, 2016

T minus one month: Race to the stones

The date is getting closer for my 100km run Race to the stones!

For the past many months I've been training for this event, which is now getting seriously close... One month till I'll be standing on the start line 99% full of excitement and 1% nervous about the whole crazy thing I signed up for... :-)

To prepare myself for the race, I've been increasing my weekly mileage from somewhat 80km to approx. 140km and I have been increasing the distances of my weekend long-runs too. Instead of doing a single really long run, which would take longer to recover from, and probably increase the risk of injury, I have chosen to do shorter back-to-back sessions over the weekends. An example of a long-run-weekend would count about 72km in total for both Saturday and Sunday - 42km Saturday (with +500m elevation gain) followed by 30km Sunday in a slightly faster pace. For this particular run, my legs felt strong for both runs :-) Throughout this weekend I also managed to do some kayaking both days (10+13 km), so I guess 
I'm starting to feel more and more up for it, as I see my level of energy and confidence go up :-) 

I'm aiming to taper for 3 weeks before the race, slowly reducing weekly mileage, but maintaining intensity.
Some training plans for this type of distance, aim for longer distances than I've done. Others build on "time-on-your-feet" over distance. I've tried to follow a schedule based on multiple training plans found online, and altered them to fit into my world... This "altering" has been ongoing throughout my training as new non-running-related weekend-plans or new travelling plans came up.
My life is not defined by my training schedule - My schedule changes to fit my life! :-)

I sort of know what kit I'm gonna wear and what kind of food and hydration stuff to bring along the route. I am aware that there will be food stations for every 10km, but I still want to bring my own - at least some of it, as this is what I've used in my training runs, and therefore I know what to expect from it. I've also figured out, how to tape up my toes to protect them a bit. Let's see if that works for 100km also ;-)

For me it is gonna be very interesting to see if my training - both physically and mentally - has been enough to prepare me for a 100km run! I guess time will tell...

I'm really getting excited about this :-)

See ya on the start line...

#YouVsTheYear #RunWithFight #IWILL #RTTS2016 

Best M.

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