Sunday, June 26, 2016

Under Armour Fat Tire Low Trail Running shoes

I got my hands (or feet if you wish) on a pair of Under Armour Fat Tire Low Trail running shoes and decided to do a small review.

At a first glance, when seeing them on the Under Armour website, they looked a bit weird and funny because of the wide turquoise sole, I'll admit that. But I think they look much better in real life!

The shoes are a bit heavier than my other trail shoes (Salomon Speed Cross 3), but I don't feel it when wearing them. The front has been reinforced a bit (read: not toe protection), and there is plenty of room for my toes, though still with a great tight fit around my feet.

The first mile or so I did in them, felt a bit funny and very bouncy due to the massive amount of cushioning, but I quickly got used to the different but very pleasant feeling. The sole is thick so I don't really notice small-ish rocks and other uneven ground under my feet, however it doesn't feel like I loose contact and feel of the ground.

The sole is made for trails and crafted by Michelin - WildGripper. The quite distinct turquoise colour can be discussed, but as the shoe only comes as seen, it's not gonna be a long one :-) And I actually think the colour combination is growing on me :-)

After taking them for a spin on some local trails, with awesome weather for running (a great mixture of thunder, hail, sunshine and really heavy rain) I am even more pleased with them. They kept a tight fit around my feet through out the whole 51km, even though the laces untied once, which I didn't notice until I looked at them at some point. But they stayed in place for the rest of the run (~35km).

While running in mud, I didn't get the feeling that they got stuck in there, which I have experiences before with other shoes. They did let go quite easily in the type mud I forced them through on my run :-) On steep muddy slopes while running uphill, I felt a few times that the shoes didn't get a decent grip, but I've experiences that with other trail shoes as well. So that doesn't worry or bugger me.

The heavily cushioned shoes in combination with the Michelin sole were great when traversing ground with smaller rocks as I hardly noticed the sharp uneven edges. 

The laces go up relatively high providing a great fit and support for my foot.

Based on my first long trail run, I must say that I find them really good and they have just become my new favourite trail shoes!

I am seriously considering using them for my Race To The Stones 100km run mid July! UPDATE: After having tested them further, I'm sure I'll be using them for the Race To The Stones :-) Love 'em!

2nd UPDATE Used them for Race To The Stones (100km in one day) and they were awesome! Had two not-too-bad blisters on my big toes - that's it. :-) Loved the cushioning!! 

See you out there on the trails!

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Best. M

PS. Views are my own! and are not affected by being an Under Armour #YouVsTheYear ambassador. The shoes were provided by Under Armour UK.