Monday, September 19, 2016

Suunto Spartan Ultra for a month: Week 3

I have had the Suunto Spartan Ultra for about 3 weeks now, and I'm still looking forward to the latest software update (should arrive later in September).

I have compared the GPS modes when kayaking and running. There are three different settings: BEST which allows for 16 hours of usage, GOOD which allows for 26 hours of usage and OK which allows for 65 hours of usage according to Suunto (These times have not been tested by me). With the longer battery life comes less accuracy for the GPS. For kayaking I find the OK mode too crude in the accuracy as can be seen on the figure below where the estimated course cuts corners in OK-mode compared to the BEST-mode.

A thing I'd like to see, is the possibility to switch between K1, K2 and K4 in kayaking mode, to be able to keep track of PBs in the different kayak-types. 

I've also tested the three GPS modes when running. Did a loop in the local University Parks, one in each mode: BEST, GOOD and OK (click for more details in Movescount). The accuracy in BEST and GOOD was fine, but something strange happened in OK-mode. It started with good accuracy following the path quite accurately, which then turned into a crude zig-zag course at the end, as seen in the figure below. The update frequency is 60 sec. hence I'd expect the estimated course to be somewhat crude. But I'm not sure why I get the output I do in this mode. 
Sadly I also have to report that the heart-rate monitor was acting strangely (again). In the BEST-mode (top figure below), the HR was way off for the first half at levels I've never been to before and never will go to - and certainly not at that relatively slow pace (avg. 5:18 min/km). For the second loop in GOOD-mode, HR levels were strangely low at first (82 bpm), then it was at okay levels, followed by some slow in creasing to way too high levels for that pace (avg. pace 5:23 min/km). And for the OK-mode, HR-data was completely missing. 
I've experienced multiple times where the HR-data is either faulty or the monitor has lost connection to the watch. It might be my watch/HR monitor that has a fault somewhere. I haven't heard about anyone else having these problems yet. I decided to change the battery in the Movesense HR-monitor, to see if this would have any effect. Sadly this had no effect as seen on the figure below.
Tempo run 19th September 2016 - See more in Movescount here
I also have doubts that my pace towards the end of my run was really that "flat" - a straight line! and that my HR would be that high! 

I still hope that the next software eliminates these issues I've been experiencing. I keep my fingers crossed!


See you out there... :-)
Best M.

PS: Views are my own! The watch has been provided by Suunto for me to test for a month, after which it has to be returned.

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