Monday, July 18, 2016

Race To The Stones 2016

Yeah!!! I did it :-D 

On Saturday morning on the 16th July 2016 the alarm clock was set for 4:00am - Race day! I got my race kit on and ate my breakfast. Almost everything I needed for the race had been packed and prepared the evening before.

I hadn't even left Oxford before I met the first others, who were also running/walking Race To The Stones. The registration went smoothly and after a eating banana and a visit or two to the loo, I was ready to run... a 100km awaits! 

Just before we started the sun showed itself, so I took off my red top as it quickly got warm. At first I thought that was awesome with some sunshine for the race, as it until this point had been grey-ish and looked like it was going to rain anytime soon. However, the sun came and stayed for most of the day! That, of course, also means it gets really hot when running...

I skipped the first pit-stop as I had plenty of fluid and stuff to eat. However, I soon got to realise that I would have to refill my 0.5L bottle, which I use for electrolytes (I brought my own tablets), at very-pit stop from now on, as the heat had risen severely! It was very warm and I was sweating like a pig! I've estimated that I have drunk at least 8 Litres of fluids if not more: I refilled my 1.5L bladder + 8 x refill of 0.5L electrolytes + a huge amount of flat coca cola on the last 50km, say 2-3 cups on every station + a some cups of water/squash at my "lunch break" and in other places.

At the halfway point, a hot meal (included in the race package) awaited me. I chose a tiny portion of pasta with mushrooms and piece of bread, as I didn't wanna be too full as I had 50km to go still! 

Me and Terry (I think?)
After my lunch break, things got a (tiny) bit easier until about 90km. I had chatted with various people along the way. One had done Marathon Des Sables (tough multi day desert race) previously. Somehow she didn't finish this one though. I though I would "give something back" to the few spectators cheering and encouraging us, so I started taking photos of them as well, and they seemed to like it :-)

I often found myself running pretty much alone, which suits me fine, as in most (all) of my training I'm by myself. And running with a huge group on narrow trails makes it hard to find your own pace, which is quite important when doing 100km.

The last 10-12km was tremendously tough. The ground was very uneven and it felt like it was all downhill, which is why I think my hips and ankles are a bit sore - way harder than running uphill! And finally I was doing the last loop round The Stones and through to the finish line! A very cheerful lot welcomed me as I crossed the finish line... I've done it - 100km!

12h33m52s - I'm very pleased with that result! I finished 84 of 956

Even though my time was great, I wasn't fast enough to catch the public bus back to Swindon. But luckily, we (me and my partner, who had come down to pick up the pieces left of me) managed to hijack two seats on the last event-bus to Swindon, and later the train back to Oxford, only to find my bike punctured, hence a nice walk home :-)

What an awesome experience that was! If I wasn't hooked before - I definitely am now! The event was very well organised. Everything went smoothly from my perspective. I only got one "complaint": There should be fresh oranges at every pit stop!! GOD, they were good!!! ;-)

The route itself is very scenic and varied, though that last bit was really tough. In total: It was AWESOME!! :-)

In the few days after the race, I've expected to be sore all over my body. However, only my ankles and hips are sore. I've got no muscle aches and only two not-too-serious blisters, one on each big-toe. I've lost about 2.5 kg of body weight so it's time to eat and drink a lot ;-) YEAH!!

The Race To The Stones is an amazing event. Everything went smoothly. Well stocked pit-stops and friendly cheerful crew. The route was very well signposted all the way! Great race!!

Will I do it again? - Hell yeah!! ;-)

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See ya out there... ;-)

Best M.


  1. Great achievement, Morten!! I love the photos and your constant cheeriness!

    1. Thank you very much! Much appreciated! :-D

  2. I did this yesterday and your review made me smile - spot on! I hope you're still an ultra?