Saturday, December 31, 2016

A great year of running - 2016

The year has come to an end and it's time to reflect :-)

It has been a crazy year for me regarding running! I've come much further than I've ever dreamt of, and I'm very pleased with my achievements. The craziness started last year (2015) when I finally decided to sign up for my first ultra run in January '16 - A 35 mile course with somewhat +1300m of elevation gain. What an awesome day and great scenic course along the white cliffs of Dover in perfect weather! Loved it!! 😊

Then in somewhat early January, I entered a ballot to become an #EpsonRunner for Epson to test one of their newly launched GPS watches. And guess what - I got chosen alongside with 99 others. Yay! I was very pleased with that. I had to test and review the watch and make 5 videos on different topics through out February and March, and then I was allowed to keep the watch afterwards. 😀
Then also during January I got approached by a guy from Endomondo if I'd like to be part of an ambassador-team of 7 people for the #YouVsTheYear initiative for Under Armour UK - A challenge to run 1000km in 2016. I've really enjoyed being a part of this great initiative. It's been great fun indeed! 😉
Remember to sign up for the 2017-version!

On 16th July I set out to run 100km in a single day - Race To The Stones. A great event - very well organised. I came 84 of 956 in total spending 12h33m52s. A great experience, and it will not be my last of this kind. Also in July I was "interviewed" for the Endomondo Blog about my running and training. And by coincidence got my "picture" in Trail Running Magazine - sort of... 😋 Look carefully behind the woman in front...

In August I was "hand-picked" by the Suunto Team to test and review the new Suunto Spartan Ultra Multi Sport GPS watch. I was selected based on my footage from my 100km run earlier in the year. Here I was one of 14 to test and review the watch. I later got to keep it. There are still many software updates planned for the watch. I like the watch very much and I'm looking very much forward to use it with all it's functionalities fully working. 

At the Oxford Half-marathon in October the goal was to beat my PB from last year (2015). I had focused my training to gain more speed though the last few months leading up to the race. I managed to beat my PB from '15 with over 4 minutes - 1h25m44s. 😁 A great day with family vising and running from Denmark and perfect weather. 

The year in numbers:

  • Distance: 3722km - almost twice of 2015 (1888km)
  • Elevation gain: 28760m
  • Calories burned (running): 148052
  • Races: 2 ultras + 1 half-marathon
  • Running shoes added to the collection: 5
All in all a great year of running for me - I hope it's been a good one for you as well! Let's see what 2017 brings!
Happy New Year all😊

#YouVsTheYear #RunWithFight #HappyNewYear

See you out there in the new year!

Best M.

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