Saturday, April 1, 2017

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

A new watch - the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR - has arrived just in time for a bit of testing before taking it to London Marathon 😀 

The new watch says April 2017! A little more than 3 weeks till London Marathon and I have just received a new gadget + some other cool stuff from Suunto Team for testing. Thank you very much Sarina for this opportunity to be among the very first to get to use this cool watch with optical wrist-based heart-rate monitoring based on technology from industry leader Valencell. It looks very promising and I'll be spending some time testing it and comparing it to the Suunto Spartan Ultra among others.

As mentioned there's just about 3 weeks till London Marathon, and despite getting less runs done than intended due to my daily commuting during the week, I feel ready. I've had some good long runs in the past couple of weekends with amazing weather with lots of sunshine and plenty of time to enjoy the slowly increasing levels of green in the visual spectrum - Simply love spring time!😁

I've had a cold most of this past week, which, in companionship with late hours at work, lead to no running during work days this week. However, as my cold is bettering - yet not gone - I'll be heading out both today and tomorrow. I cannot not-run with this new gadget sitting perfectly on my wrist measuring my HR in the high fifties writing this. 

I've decided to skip my long run this weekend and hope my cold will approve and leave me alone - at least till after London. I've managed to get 31km in as my longest run in my training so far. And as I have been aiming for about 32km as my longest (as then there's only 10km left to the full marathon 😋) so I feel I'm pretty much there distance-wise. Speed-wise I'm not really sure where I stand. I have had some really good patches over the past couple of week(end)s, which could get me near the time I discussed with Coach Shaun Dixon (from Let's Get Running) before I got a new job requiring a bit of commute leaving less time to run. So I have to see on the day (23 April) how things are and go with my instinct pace-wise. I know I can run the distance - I've got not doubt about that - but I just don't know how fast. But I'm gonna bring my camera and my new Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR watch and my Reebok Floatride running shoes and simply enjoy whatever London has to offer me on the day 😎. 

Accommodation for London Marathon has been book relatively central to the event and I'm looking very much forward to the event and to experience the atmosphere along the course round London. It can only be a great day! Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet some of my fellow members of Team #FloatrideLondon, but I guess chances are slim with some 40,000 other runners! 😮

I'm heading out there now to run while the sun is still shining...
See ya all out there and have a great 1 April 😄

Best M.

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PS: Views are my own! The watch has kindly been provided by Suunto Team.

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