Friday, February 26, 2016

Ambassador for #YouVsTheYear by Under Armour

#RunWithFight - I will!

It turns out I've become an ambassador for the #YouVsTheYear initiative by Under Armour in 2016 :-)

#YouVsTheYear is a challenge to conquer 1000km in 2016. You can join the challenge via MapMyRun or Endomondo and track your progress throughout the year. I'll be sharing my stories, my fights as a runner throughout the year on Twitter, Facebook, the #YouVsTheYear-Facebook group and this blog...

Being an ambassador for #YouVsTheYear means supporting and encouraging people, who has taken on the challenge. They are runners - and as a runner you fight! Fight against yourself, the darkness, the low temperatures, the wind and the rain. I'll do my best to encourage and be supportive for these fighters!

Challenge yourself - Join us!

#RunWithFight - #IWILL

Best M.

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