Thursday, March 24, 2016

Travelling, holidays and running

As much as I love being on holiday and travelling the world - I also love my running! Mixing the two isn't always easy...

When it comes to mixing holidays and travelling with running I'm a bit torn. Travelling to new places is awesome and I love it - but it can also be exhausting and tiring - in the best possible way that is! You've packed your trainers with all the best intentions of getting some miles logged on your holiday where ever you are, and then all of a sudden, you're out of time, too tired, or you're simply having a too splendid time with great adventures on your holiday, that you forget to run... And that is perfectly okay! :-)

I like running in new places, on different trails than the usual, so combining travelling and running is great. Not that it has to be an organized race with a finishers medal and all, but simply a training run on some different trails somewhere in the world...

Got squeezed in a couple of runs on the latest 10 day trip to the States. Got to run on parts of the Arizona Trail near Grand Canyon. Got up kind of early to run in -6 deg C in my shorts... A bit chilly but the weather was awesome with clear skies and lots of sun... :-)

Great run!

Best M. 

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