Thursday, April 14, 2016

In sickness and in health

April Update:

These past few weeks I've been plagued by a cold - a man-cold if you like! As you all know, that means "near-death" experiences ;-)

Well - probably not (but don't tell any women - ever!). However, I did indeed have a cold which forced me to skip most of my training. The training sessions I did get in, were slow'ish and I had to deal with coughing while running - Not ideal! Hence, I surrendered and gave myself the most of a week off (from running + a few days working from home), which others probably would have been so wise to do from the very beginning... [Note to self: do like others when you've got a cold].

Usually when if I'm plagued with a cold I run regardless of my condition. And often I actually feel relief from all the nastiness a cold usually brings, which I see as an encouragement to go running while having a cold. So I run while I'm healthy and when not - hence the slightly weird title of this post...

I'm now sort of the back side of the cold, fighting my way back to where I was before (pre-cold and pre-travelling). Exercising does still feel a bit harder than previously, but as mornings are getting brighter day by day and temperatures are rising (slowly - too slow I would say!), and watching those spectacular sunrises by the Thames is more than making up for the harder work! It feels fantastic to be back out there crunching those miles again...

#RunWithFight #IWILL #YouVsTheYear
Best M.

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