Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring photos 2016

As I mentioned in my very first post, this blog reflects my two great passions: running and photography. So far there's not been too much on photography, hence this post.

Now, by photography I mean capturing the world as I see it. I'm not a pro and I'm not seeking the perfect picture, highest sharpness, best colours or the perfect motive... I try to do as good as I can with the equipment I've got, focussing on composing the picture in a way so I won't have to do much editing afterwards. If I do edit a photo, it's only slightly cropping, colour tuning (saturation, enhancing the colours slightly or making it black/white), contrast or gamma correcting.

On many runs (probably most, as I know I'll regret not taking it if I left it at home...!), I bring my Olympus Stylus Tough TG-2, which is tough enough to withstand the bouncing and it's waterproof. And it take great photos too - at least for what I'm using it for.

Some would probably say that I'm ruining my runs by taking photos as I'm obviously breaking my rhythm and my pace, but I cannot help it... I'm too deeply in love with taking photos to not bring my camera. And I do also run without it at times, e.g. when doing intervals, hill-repeats etc... so I'm not a complete lunatic ;-)

I've collected a few photos from some of my runs in 2016 so far, see below. I love this time of year and I'll never get tired of running in Oxford! I hope you'll enjoy the photos...

See you out there...

#RunWithYourCamera #RunWithFight #IWILL #YouVsTheYear

Best M.

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