Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Upcoming races 2016

I have just entered Race to the Stones: 100km in one day along The Ridgeway, which is described as Britain’s oldest road, which runs from the Chilterns in Oxfordshire to the North Wessex Downs.
100km is the farthest I've set out to do so far, so I'm pretty excited. Signing up for a race on a distance you don't know if you can do, is a bit scary. But I'm more excited than scared and looking very much forward to it. I'm gonna approach this race on 16th July 2016 as I did with my first Marathon and my first Ultra: 
  • I am not aiming for any particular time
  • I'm gonna trust that my training will get me to the finish line
  • I'll try to eat a lot of food and keep hydrated
  • Of course I'll bring my camera and capture a lot of photos
  • And simply set out to have a jolly time :-)
So the big question: Am I ready for running 100km? Who knows... I'm a tiny bit terrified venturing into unfamiliar territory, but mostly I'm super excited! I feel I'm at a stage where I can finish it, otherwise I wouldn't have signed up for it and I trust my training is sufficient to take me to the finish line. But who knows if I actually am ready? I guess time will tell... :-)

Later in the year (9th October) I've signed up for Oxford Half Marathon. I might try to beat my PB from last year (1h29m47s). The reward for running this race is the Oxford Beer Festival the following week, which usually holds 100+ ales and ciders and is held in the Town Hall. Great event!

Hopefully the autumn brings more events of the EnduranceLife Coastal Trail Series to my list of completed races. These races are well organized, usually on Saturdays - which fits better into my world than the usually race-on-Sundays-approach, and they have race distances from 10km to somewhat 35/45 miles, so some for all :-) Let's see how many I actually get to do.

See you out there... :-)

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Best M.

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