Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fuelled by...

When I'm on my long distance runs, say 40-50km training sessions, my body of course needs fuel of some sort, as it's gonna take me 4-5 hours to run that kind of distance...

I have previously mentioned I wasn't sure if I could use gels for fuel, as I thought the texture of the stuff would make me feel sick. However, after having tried a few free/cheep samples on my longer runs, I've come to a different conclusion.

Home-made muesli bites.
I'm not relying solely on gels, as they are a bit expensive, and I think my stomach will appreciate some real food in there to not feel hungry and to behave well on really long runs. Hence I mix gels with fruit, home-made muesli bars, chocolate bars (real food?), and crisps/chips (UK vs. rest of the world?) of course duh!, etc. 

In addition to this, I have started using electrolyte tablets to make sure I get essential salts and other stuff, especially when it's really hot and I'm sweating a lot! Running for 4-5 hours or more without an intake of some sort of electrolytes, is most likely not healthy (...because running for that long definitely is ;-)

So far I've been using Science In Sport products. I'm sure other brands will do just as good. The convenient packing of gels makes them easy to use and carry, vs having to carry a bunch of bananas etc. Bananas and apples are great to bring along, however, let's just say that they become less delicious to eat after +30km of bruising in a pocket :-)

So for Race To The Stones (100km 16th July 2016) I'll be using a mixture of the above mentioned, as this is what I've used for my training runs. I know there will be water/food stations at the race, but I know how my body/stomach reacts to what I've used previously, hence hopefully my stomach will be behaving nicely! I'll still be snacking on the race supplies though - I think they got crisps/chips at some of them ;-) Yeah!

Other than these gels, I'm fuelled by real food (including crisps/chips and chocolate bars!). I don't do protein shakes or bars. I'm 99% a vegetarian runner and I believe I eat healthily and varied, which should provide me with sufficient nutrients, protein etc. After a run I usually have a glass of milk ;-)

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See you out there...

Best M.

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