Wednesday, July 27, 2016

RTTS2016 - Aftermath

In retrospect of Race To The Stones 2016 I want to check up on what I had chosen to bring/wear for the race compared to what I actually used and found useful... 

Kit review:

For shoes I had chosen to wear Under Armour Fat Tire Low (see review here) trail shoes, which was an awesome choice! My feet was good for the whole run and they survived with only two not-too-bad blisters on my big toes. The cushioning was awesome!

I used my Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set Trail Running Backpack for water (1.5L), a 0.5L bottle for electrolytes, camera, gels, etc. I like this vest very much and didn't find any problems as such, except one zipper "broke" 
about 70km into the race as I probably had overfilled the zipped pocket a bit. I did manage to fix it after the race though.

I had chosen to bring my Black Diamond Distance FL Z poles as well, as the inclines seems quite steep when looking at the race data. I did use them and they gave me a great walking pace uphill compared to when not using them! I will definitely used them again when possible (and allowed!). They were strapped to my running vest, but somehow they got to touch my back causing a bit of chafing. Nothing too serious though! 

I "redesigned" how I use the Salomon 4D pole carrying system to make it easier to strap them on and get them off, by using a carabiner clip to attach/release the top bungee-cord. I found this much easier and less likely for the bungee-cord to be entangled into the poles/pole-straps when trying to wrap/unwrap them from your back.

I wore my Under Armour CoolSwitch calf sleeves. There are many theories about if they work or not. I like the feeling of them and my calfs didn't ache at any time during or after the race. If it's due to the guards or something else I cannot tell! But fact is, I haven't had a single sore muscle in my legs from the run, however my hips and ankles were a bit sore from the uneven terrain and the downhill running.

My Under Armour Shadow Run Cap protected my head from the sun and redirected sweat from running into my eyes. At some pit-stops I soaked it in cool water to cool me down. Awesome! My Under Armour Launch 2-IN-1 shorts and LP Embioz compression top also did very well along side my Falke running socks :-)

My Garmin Forerunner 310XT didn't complain and recorded the whole run. The HR chest-strap (which is actually from my old Garmin Forerunner 305) was unnoticeable and didn't leave any marks from chafing, as the original HR chest-strap have given me on much shorter run (~20km).

I did bring extra clothes like a waterproof jacket, a thin long-sleeved top and extra socks just in case, but didn't use any of it. However - you never know with the British weather ;-)

All in all the clothes I wore worked well for the hot weather and I could have left the extras at home, but 100km is a long way if you need it at some point, hence I'm happy with the choices I made :-) 

Food review:

I had chosen to bring my own gels (Science In Sport/SiS) as I have used these through out my training, and didn't want to find out if I could/could not use other gels mid-race! I used 15 gels on the course. 

Flat coke is a winner!! :-)
I also brought my own electrolyte tablets (SiS) for the same reason as the gels. I refilled my 0.5L bottle with a new tablet/water at every pit-stop except the first one (one for approx every 10km) and even though it was extremely hot and sunny, I didn't at any time feel I was lacking fluid or the like, so I think I got it right.

I refilled my 1.5L bladder once. In addition to this I drank a lot of flat coke and some squash/water on the side. In total I must have consumed at least 8 Litres of fluid - and only one stop at the loo! ;-)
I didn't eat many of my homemade muesli bites. I think it was due to the hot weather. I also didn't eat any chocolate bars as they were way too sweet during the run! Instead I devoured a lot of oranges at the pit-stops where possible and grabbed some apples for the road + a few bananas on some of the early stops. I also found bananas too sweat to eat at the last half of the race.

I ate crisps in some of the pit-stops, which was a very welcome snack and a great source of salt :-) Standard food from now on!! 

The pit-stops were well stocked on all sorts of things, and if I were more brave using those "unfamiliar" things, I wouldn't have to carry much myself. At some point I might start using what's available instead of bringing my own :-) 

Bottom-line for food and liquids is that I didn't have any stomach aches as I did in CTS Dover in January, so I must have done something right this time ;-)

Every thing worked out for the better and I had a fantastic and awesome day!! Loved everything about it :-D 


See ya out there... :-)

Best M.

PS: I'm on Endomondo Blog about the #YouVsTheYear challenge!! ;-)

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