Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Time's up - Race To The Stones

This is almost it! The last few days before it's time for Race To The Stones 2016! The start is Saturday (16th July) at 8:00am (UK) for my 100km run - Exciting!! :-D

The start is near Lewknor not far from Oxford. I'm aiming to get a very early bus from Oxford and then walk the rest of the way to the start area, as there are no more free spaces on the event-busses. It's okay as it's only a short walk.

From here, the route follows the iconic Ridgeway, which is described as Britain’s oldest road, down through Wallingford along The River Thames which will be the lowest elevation on the course. This is immediately followed by the steepest climb (up to 8% according to the interactive map) on the course over almost 3 miles. From here the climbs will be less steep but some a bit longer, and there will be an 11% descent closer to the finish. The route ends up at Avebury Stone Circle, hence Race To The Stones ;-)

The total elevation gain of 3954 feet/1205
metres, which is comparable to my 35 mile race in January, so this should be okay :-) A complete and interactive map can be found here.

Race kit for #RTTS2016
I believe there will be posted "live" photos from the event directly on my Facebook page, so if interested you can take a peek there. And if you want more information on the race, take a look at the Race To The Stones Facebook page. There might be some updates there as well.

I'll try an keep my camera "rolling" and capture some photos/videos from the race. I'll post them here and on Facebook/twitter after the event if interested.

I've come across a few people online via twitter/Facebook who are also doing the one-day-run, and a friend from the kayaking club (Falcon) is walking it over two days for charity. I probably wont see anyone I know there before the finish line though, but if you happen to see me or my Smiley-face on the back of my running vest, feel free to poke me :-)

See you at Race To The Stone or somewhere else...

#RTTS2016 #YouVsTheYear #RunWithFight #IWILL

Best M.


  1. Best of luck Morten. When you blog about the event on completion, can you include a bit on each part of your kit and how you hot on with it? Thanks :)

    1. Thanks very much Jonathan!! :-D
      Yeah sure - I'll do that :-)

  2. All the best Morten for Saturday! Can't wait to hear about it and of course see some of your amazing pictures!

    1. Thank you Megsy!! :-D Much appreciated!
      I'll definitely try and capture some photos but I cannot guarantee for the quality though ;-)